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Inflatable Rentals

Who doesn’t like to bounce? Whether you’re hosting a party for adults or children, our inflatable rentals are always a popular choice. From bounce houses to inflatable obstacle courses, we carry an inventory of almost 100 inflatable rentals. Guests of all ages will love the thrill of sliding down one of our inflatable slides or challenging each other to a basketball slam dunk face-off.

If you have a specific theme in mind, give us a call and we will recommend the best inflatable rentals for your event. We have provided inflatables for party themes including Halloween, Christmas, Independence Day and more.

Snowman Bounce House

Looking for a fun attraction to add to your next Christmas Holiday Party? Why not rent our big inflatable Snowman Bounce House? Standing at over 16 feet tall the Snowman Inflatable Bounce House is impressive! Kids can barely contain their excitement when they see it! Having this Snowman Bounce House at your next holiday party…

Patriotic Inflatables

Let our Advertising Inflatable team create a buzz for your next event. Patriotic Inflatables such as our Uncle Sam riding a rocket will put a giggle and smile on anyone driving by. Once they see that your business is using Patriotic Inflatables this will entice them to come see what the big promotion or sale…

Giant Inflatable Gorilla Rental

Our Inflatable Gorilla can attract any crowd. Standing over 25 feet tall Our Inflatable Gorilla will get anybodies attention when they drive by. This Unique Inflatable Gorilla has great detail to it with the fierce digital printed eyes to it massive teeth and the huge arms extending high in the air with your special message…

Inflatable American Eagle

What better way to promote your business with our Inflatable American Eagle. Standing at 28 feet tall this will get people walking or driving by to look and see what is going on in your parking lot or car dealership. Our Inflatable American Eagle has great detail with quality airbrushing aroung the Inflatable American Eagles…
Inflatable Uncle Sam

Inflatable Uncle Sam Rental

Our Inflatable Uncle Sam will turn heads at your event! This patriotic inflatable is 30 ft tall and perfect for any type of event, like retail sales and specials or 4th of July events. Ask us about our Giant Inflatable Uncle Sam weekly rentals special. Let’s Party Salinas has a wide variety of advertising inflatbles…
Laser Tag Rental

Laser Tag

Check out Let’s Party’s Laser Tag Rental – the Xtreme Alien Laser Tag Arena. This will put smiles on all your guests when they enter 35 foot wide x 35 foot long inflatable Laser Tag arena. We have been serving Northern California for 19 years with great out of the box rental items. This Laser…

Patriotic Bounce House

Rent this hot looking Patriotic Bounce House for your next 4th of July party or for your memorial day parking lot sale. This red, white, and blue jump house will spice up your block party or company event. Let us deliver this to your next holiday event and bring out the smiles in your guests.…

Shark Inflatable Bounce House

The Shark Bouncer the perfect underwater / fish-themed bouncer for all the little “sharks” out there who enjoy the sea! An eye catching bouncer for sure. The Shark jump house we have in stock comes in two different sizes so please make sure you have enough room for this enormous shark that is on the top.

Horse Bounce House

Get your saddle ready for this one. The inflatable Horse Bounce House has a cowboy and cowgirl painted on each side of the from pillars. The back of the Horse Bounce House also has a large tail that comes off the back. This is a large inflatable so please check the size chart to make…

Happy Holidays Bounce House

Bounce right into the holiday spirit with our Happy Holidays Bounce House! This bounce house is a perfect edition to your Christmas tree lighting celebration or it would work really good with our portable ice skating rink! The Happy Holidays Bounce House is one of many Christmas or Holiday themed items Let’s Party has for…

18ft Inflatable Slide

Our 18ft Inflatable Slide will put smiles on every child. This amazing slide is 18 feet tall and has a single fast lane to enjoy. Our 18ft slide fits great in any backyard! This is the perfect slide to rent for any private party for children ages 4-12.

24ft Inflatable Event Double Lane Slide

Our 24ft Inflatable Event Double Lane Slide is fun for all ages. We provide staffing to make this fun for all ages. Your guests will Climb up… up… up… to the top and slide down… down… down… down, then go back and do it again. A real thrill for the entire party.

22ft Cars Inflatable Slide

Did you enjoyed the great Pixar Movie Cars? Then you will love the great detail in this slide. The 22ft Cars Inflatable Slide is based on the movie, you will see all your favorite characters in high digital graphics plastered all over. This is a very fast 22ft double lane slide for ages 3-14 years old.

Vertical Rush Inflatable Obstacle Course

Get ready for the fun with this new and exciting Vertical Rush Inflatable Obstacle Slide course from Let’s Party Salinas And Extra Fun Events. This obstacle course features the tallest slide available in the San Francisco and San Jose Bay Area at 22 feet tall and a rock climb to the top. (Most obstacle courses…

24ft Extreme Inflatable Slide

This colorful 24ft Extreme TWO LANE slide is sure to be Xtreme fun. When your party goers climb up this double story slide and race down to the bottom. The 24ft Extreme Inflatable Slide is one of our most popular slides for and event rental. We always operate and control the flow of the slide…

27ft Cliff Hanger Inflatable Slide

“WOW! What a Rush!” 27ft Cliff Hanger Inflatable Slide is the biggest slide in the area at 33′ Long, 20′ Wide and 27′ High. It’s sure to excite children and adults alike. Climb to the top, grab the rings and with your back to the slide let go. A 27′ drop at a 60 degree…

65 ft Double Dip Inflatable Obstacle Course

Try our new Double Dip Inflatable Obstacle Course and try beating your challenger down the first 14 ft slide and then go through some more tunnels and obstacles to make your way up the rock climb to take the slide down our 22ft vertical rush slide. A real challenge that will want you to do…

Ultimate Inflatable Obstacle Course

Can you handle the ultimate challenge? The Ultimate Obstacle Challenge is a great way for two competitors to race each other through many features like pop-ups, log jams, up n’ over slides, squeeze walls, crawl throughs, rock climb and breath taking slides. Great for school functions, festivals, events, church outings and grad nights.

50 ft Drill Sergeant Camouflage Obstacle Course

Can you handle this Drill Sergeant Challenge? The 50 ft Drill Sergeant Camouflage Obstacle Course is a great way for two competitors to compete. The players race each other through many features like pop-ups, log jams, up n’ over slides, squeeze walls, crawl throughs, rock climb and reach a double lane slide. Great for school…

70 ft Inflatable Obstacle Course

Will you be the next American Ninja? Two opponents compete by racing through the 70 ft Inflatable Obstacle Course full of obstacle walls, squeeze plays, tunnel crawls and more. Concluding the obstacles is a rock climb wall to conquer to get up to the slide at the end of the obstacle course. This works well…

Batman Inflatable Obstacle Course

The Batman Inflatable Obstacle Course Challenge is an awesome centerpiece! Batman stands twice the height of mere mortals. The challenge offers the players a front loading obstacle entrance with tunnels and pop-ups and objects to maneuver, leading to the main draw: the front-exiting climb and slide!

Boot Camp Inflatable Obstacle Course

Call us for the real deal Boot Camp Inflatable Obstacle Course in California Bay Area cities! Get ready for combat as you challenge your opponent to the ultimate Boot Camp Inflatable Obstacle Course! What tactics will you use when you jump through your first hole and squeeze through the inflated pillars only to be met…

The Beast Inflatable Obstacle Course

Have you conquered our 130ft inflatable obstacle course aptly named The Beast? To tame The Inflatable Beast you will be challenged with tunnels, pop ups, inflatable rock walls, to making your way down the Giant Vertical Rush Double Lane Slide. WILL YOU BE ABLE TO CONQUER THE BEAST??? Call our office to make your reservation…
Crayola Combo Toddler Bounce House

Crayon Combo Toddler Bounce House

3-in-1 mini deluxe Crayon Combo features a 13 x 11 large bouncing area and a mini slide. This is a awesome inflatable for the little ones to enjoy without having any of the older kids damper there experience. A must have for any larger event with multiple inflatables.

Inflatable Pirate Jump House

This Inflatable Pirate Jump House has three unique features. A really big jumping area, a climb to the top will get you to the top to slide down to the outside of the inflatable. Strap on your eye patch and rent this exciting inflatable. Pirate costumes are not included but highly recommended. Arghh!!!

Disney Princess 3D Inflatable 5 In 1 Combo

This beautiful Disney Princess themed combo-style inflatable features a realistic 3D balcony for Cinderella to look out and has amazing digital printing detail. This item includes a large jumping area, obstacle area to squeeze or jump through, basketball hoop to sharpen your skills, then a climbing ladder to the slide.