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27ft Cliff Hanger Inflatable Slide

Product Details

“WOW! What a Rush!” 27ft Cliff Hanger Inflatable Slide is the biggest slide in the area at 33′ Long, 20′ Wide and 27′ High. It’s sure to excite children and adults alike. Climb to the top, grab the rings and with your back to the slide let go. A 27′ drop at a 60 degree angle! Are you brave enough to slide down ourĀ 27ft Cliff Hanger Inflatable Slide? We have trained operators to help assist your guest with thisĀ 27ft Cliff Hanger Inflatable Slide.

Product Description

Ages: 7 to adult

Space requirements: 38L x 30W x 30H

Price: Call us for a quote at 888-630-3866

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