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Inflatable American Eagle

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What better way to promote your business with our Inflatable American Eagle. Standing at 28 feet tall this will get people walking or driving by to look and see what is going on in your parking lot or car dealership. Our Inflatable American Eagle has great detail with quality airbrushing aroung the Inflatable American Eagles neck. It really looks amazing on a brights sun shinning day. We can make or you a specialized banner with your promotion for what you are celebrating. Our Inflatable American Eagle really can help boost sales and drive traffic to your event or function. This Inflatable American Eagle is a terrific theme for a Memorial Day, 4th Of July, Labor Day, Presidents Day, And Veterans Day Sale. We provide the installation and can also add lightin for night time viewing (additional fee)
Why your business should use our Inflatable American Eagle? We all know the power of the internet but not always are people using the internet when they are driving or walking around tring to either explore a new city or trying to find something special to do on a weekend or holiday. Our Inflatable American Eagle can draw attention to stores such as Car Dealerships, Furniture Stores, Specialty Retail Stores, and even festivals or events.  It is a proven track record that people are drawn into special promotions or sales when they are promoted in a big way. You should think about going outside the box on your next event or sale and give our Inflatable Adverising Mascots a try not only will you get people driving by and wondering whats going on at your location you will get the oppurtunity to meet new customers that maybe haven’t visited your business or event.  Give it a shot and call us today to get a price on your next big promotion.


Product Description

Please allow a 25 feet length x 25 feet width x 30 tall area

This requires 1 electrical outlet

Please call our office for a 3 day weekend or week quote at 1-888-630-3866

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