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Plinko 25 Challenge Game

Product Details

Plinko 25 Challenge Game will test your mind and the stability of your hands. Each player gets 5 ping pong balls. The ping pong balls get dropped trying to achieve the score of exactly 25 in any combination from 1-12. Sounds easy… the twist in this fun, crazy game is you have no control on where the ball will land by the time it reaches the bottom. Plinko 25 Challenge Game is an awesome game for any tradeshow booth to attract attention or for prize giveaways. We can even brand this table size plinko game for your company. The Plinko 25 Challenge Game is also great for kids as they will use their math skills to add and subtract what they need for the final ball to score. We have two different colors to choose from – Red or Yellow.

Product Description

Ages: 4 to adult

Rental Rate: 1 for 80.00 or 2 for 150.00 – best used on table.

(best used on a flat level area)

No electricity required.

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