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Wizard Wire Carnival Game

Product Details

Wizard Wire Carnival Game will test how steady your hands are. Rent 1 to 3 wizards at a time. You have a wand to maneuver through the moving wire that twirls. Make it to the bottom without touching the twirling wire and you are a winner. Touch your wand against the spinning rotating wire and you will hear an alarm go off.  Wizard Wire Carnival Game is an amazing game at any company or trade show event. See if your friends, staff, or potential customers have what it takes to beat the wizard.

Product Description

Ages: 8 to adult

Rental Rate: 1 for 125.00 2 for 250.00 3 for 375.00 4 hour rental

(best used on a flat level area)

This needs 1 electrical outlet per game or we can use a splitter to operate both.

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