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How to Ride a Mechanical Bull

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We’ve all seen the Mechanical Bull in action and the spectacular wipeouts that usually follow. It’s rare to see riders last more than 13 seconds, so what’s the secret to staying on the Mechanical Bull? Wow your party guests with your demonstration and then watch as they try (and fail) to live up to your fantastic performance.

It is important to understand that a mechanical bull can do only three things: buck, spin and change direction. You need to stay centered when the bull is bucking and spinning.

Hold on with your dominant hand
It might seem obvious, but you’re going to have a better grip if you use your dominant hand. You can hold on either with your palm facing upwards or downwards (over grip). Flex your bicep. This will force the back of your forearm and your elbow down into the crook of your leg, allowing you to leverage your hip to anchor your body to the bull.

Squeeze your thighs
Don’t be tricked into thinking the secret is to hold on with your hand as tight as possible. Use your leg muscles to keep you rooted to the bull. Squeeze your legs around the bull and turn your toes slightly out.

Relax your upper body
Keep your upper body loose and relaxed, otherwise the momentum will swing you off the bull. Maintain a straight up-and-down posture when the back end of the bull bucks up.

Learn how to shift your weight
Watch the head of the mechanical bull to indicate directional changes. Point your heels together and try to lean back when the bull dives forward. Move your weight the opposite way when the bull tips up in the front.

Use your free hand for balance
Think about the cowboys at the rodeo and how they wave their hat around with their free hand. It’s not just for show, it really does help with balance. Lift your hand in the air, bow your chest out and nod your head. When the bull begins to buck, keep your body straight up and down. Remember, it is unlikely that you will fall off the bull backwards. You are most likely to fall sideways or over the front.

Keep your cool
The longer you stay on the Mechanical Bull, the more it will move around to try to knock you off. Stay relaxed and try not to get frazzled.

If you last longer than 15 seconds, you are a superstar! Riding a Mechanical Bull is not an easy thing. Want to give it a try? Learn more about our Mechanical Bull Rental.