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Sunnyvale Mechanical Bull Rental

Sunnyvale mechanical bull rental is a blast.  Have fun at your next event and invite your guests to climb up on this simulator ride and hang on for dear life! Believe us when we say that it looks easier than it really is. Managing to stay on the mechanical bull rental for longer than a few seconds requires real skill (and strong abs!).

Our Sunnyvale mechanical bull rental is one of our most popular rentals – for a reason. It’s a true crowd pleaser. Your guests will be cheering for the rider trying to last as long as they can on the bucking bull. Our mechanical bulls have a LED timer on their control base so participants can track how long they’ve been on the bull and measure their prowess against other challengers.

Mechanical Bull Rental in Sunnyvale

Let’s Party is known for having the safest and most unique party rentals in Northern California and the Bay Area.  Mechanical bull rental in Sunnyvale is no exception. Our mechanical bull has an insurance-approved soft head, even the bull horns are made out of soft foam that look realistic. It also has an inflatable mat for soft landings.

When we bring the mechanical bull rental to your event in Sunnyvale, we always conduct a safety check. We ensure that the area surrounding the bull setup is free of objects that could harm the rider in case they are thrown off the padded area. We also make sure that cords are properly covered or secured down so that no one can trip and make sure that you have the bull plugged into the correct type of outlet.  Our operators are trained by the manufacturer and skilled in operating our rentals.

For safety reasons, our operators will never let an intoxicated individual ride the mechanical bull.  Similarly, we will not allow more than one person ride the bull at a time. The ride is designed with the safety of a single rider in mind, so allowing two people on the bull together lowers the safety of the ride. If a child is not big enough to ride the bull by themselves they should not be riding the bull at all, even with a parent.  

Let’s Party will deliver and set up the mechanical bull rental at your event in Sunnyvale and insure that it is clean and in good working condition. It can be set up inside or outside. If set up inside, make sure you have plenty of overhead clearance. We require an area of 20ft x 20ft in surface area and 12ft of overhead clearance.  When your event is over, we will return and take it away. All that remains now is to book your rental and take some time to learn the right technique for riding a mechanical bull.

We also rent other mechanical simulators like the Mechanical Unicorn and the Mechanical Skateboard for a fun twist on the mechanical bull concept.