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Mechanical Skateboard

Product Details

Test your skateboard riding skills and see how long you can shred on this mechanical skateboard. Our skateboard ride simulator will draw a lot of attention at your event. This can be set up in your backyard or at any big event. This ride includes one of our trained operators to manage the controls and make sure everything is safe and fun.

It was the early 1960’s that sidewalk surfing became popular as an alternative when rideable waves were unavailable. Many design iterations since then have resulted in the subsequent ebb and flow of skateboarding. However, the 1995 X Games breathed new life into the sport, helping to establish skateboarding as a professional sport.

These days, some hi-tech skateboards can reach speeds up to 80 MPH! With a rider on them!! Our Mechanical Skateboard doesn’t go that fast… At least I don’t think it does… Maybe tops out at, what – 55?? That’s crazy! Don’t listen to me! I don’t have a clue of the speed of our mechanical skateboard, but I do know how fun it is! (Don’t forget – our trained operator keeps you at a safe speed, well below 80MPH)

Whether they rode in the 1960’s or the 1990’s, folks will line up for a ride on this mechanical skateboard. (Don’t worry, if they fall they’ll just bounce!) If your event is about fun, try this one!

Want to increase the fun factor – add on our blue-tooth speakers and blast come cool surfing music! Think Jan & Dean or the Beach Boys. Pure sidewalk surfin’ nostalgia.

Product Description

Ages: 6 to Adult

Space Requirements: 20’L x 20’W x 11’H

Price: Please call for a quote. There are a few questions we need to ask (per our insurance company) to get you an accurate price. Delivery is not included in this rough estimate. For the most accurate quote, please have the city and zip code where your event will be held.

Electricity Requirements: If we are using your electrical outlets, they must be within 75 feet of set up. We require 2 separate-110v 15 amp circuits, which we will check with a voltage meter.


We can provide a portable inverted generator for $175.00 so you need not worry about any electrical outlets.

Let’s Party has the largest selection of mechanical ride rentals in California! 1-888-630-3866

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