Tips for Planning an On-Site Corporate Holiday Event

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Make work “all fun and games” again!

You don’t have to book a fancy restaurant or decorate rented tables at an expensive venue, to create a memorable corporate holiday event for your employees. In fact, oftentimes staying put and hosting a holiday event right in the office is most efficient. It saves you and your team time and money when you have the party delivered right to your office. Not only that, but employees will value the addition of light-hearted fun and good, old-fashioned games to an environment that typically feels professional and frankly, pretty buttoned-up.

Consider the following tips as you plan your on-site corporate holiday event:

Visually Transform the Workspace

By simply plugging them in, inflatables become a large, festive design element that quickly changes the look and feel of your office. For a corporate holiday event, consider inflatables with multiple purposes. Inflatable Snow Globes not only serve as a great decoration but also as a photo opportunity for your team. Inflatable Snow Globes can hold 1-5 guests at a time and actually blow snow inside just like a real-life shaken-up slow globe would. Your guests will love this chance to step inside a life-size snow globe and snap a pic to share on social media. Make sure your guests know your social media handle to take advantage of this tagging opportunity.

Showcase Crowd-Pleasing Activities

When it comes to hosting a corporate holiday event for the masses, you have to consider a variety of age groups and personality types. To ensure you’re accommodating the varying interests of your crowd, consider renting a variety of the most popular arcade games, like Pinball, Whac-A-Mole, or Pac Man. The game options are nearly endless and an in-house arcade is sure to bring back fond memories for many of your guests and will encourage them to join in on all the fun of the event.

Incorporate Some Physical Movement

Arcade games provide great mental stimulation and some physical exercise (mostly for the thumbs!) but adding an element of physical movement is a great way to energize your team. Rent a Snow Machine and let your employees enjoy the timeless feeling of outdoor snow play. Don’t let the worry of wet clothes hold you back from considering this activity. Snow machines uses a special mixture of evaporative snow that keeps guests warm and dry, unlike real snow.

On-site corporate holiday events can be fun and exciting with the help of Let’s Party and our team of party-planning experts.