Virtual Reality Games are Trending in 2019

Beat Saber VR Arcade Game Rental

Another year and another trend is sweeping the gaming industry. Virtual reality technology is hot.  More and more manufacturers are incorporating Virtual Reality into their rides and games with VR headsets.  And there is no wonder that VR is so popular. This technology takes the gaming experience to the next level by offering sensory feedback via an immersive environment.

The downside of VR, however, is that this technology is still evolving and like with other technologies that have come before it, VR gaming is expensive.

Here at Let’s Party, we are starting to add Virtual Reality games to our inventory. Our most impressive VR offering is Beat Saber, the world’s only fully automated virtual game cabinet.  Players use Virtual Reality motion controllers to wield a pair of light sabers. Incredible visual and sound effects make this game a crowd pleaser at any event.

They say gaming is addictive because it enables you to escape reality.  VR is the ultimate escape into a reality that is so real that you might not believe that it isn’t…….