4 Adventurous Team-Building Activities for Your Next Corporate Holiday Event

The annual corporate holiday event is a great opportunity for your team to celebrate the holiday season – and a long, busy year at work.

Of course, you could follow the standard protocol of decorating the office and doling out gift cards; or you could do something totally different and host an event featuring adventurous team-building games and activities.

In case you’re interested in the latter, here are 4 team-building activities to consider for your next corporate holiday event:

Take it to the Rink

No matter the weather outside, winter brings to mind ice sports. Consider taking your corporate event to the rink by hosting a friendly – or highly-competitive – game of curling. Curling is a great team-building activity for people of all athletic abilities. Not sure how to play? Don’t worry, a game expert who manages all the fun is included with the rental.

Go Sledding

Typically a sledding trip would require snow, a big hill, and sleds; and that sounds like a lot to coordinate. Actually, it’s much easier than that. Simply book the Inflatable Snow Sledding Ride, and you can take all the planning and prep work out of this age-old favorite activity. At 16 feet tall and 45 feet in length, this Inflatable Snow Sledding Ride is sure to bring joy to even the biggest “Scrooge” on your team.

Ride on Rudolph

It’s possible your team members have previously tried their hand at riding a mechanical bull. But, do you think any of them have ever done the same on a Mechanical Reindeer? Sounds doubtful! Book an Inflatable Mechanical Reindeer and watch your employees line up to take their turn…with stop watches in hand!

Snap a Pic on Santa’s Sleigh

Let’s be honest, we all have different ideas of what “adventurous” means. For those of your employees who prefer not to get in on the previously-stated action, an opportunity to feign a little adventure might be better received. Having a Santa and Reindeer Sleigh at your corporate event brings a fun, whimsical look to the event. It also allows for great photo opportunities for your employees. Your guests will have a blast snapping photos of their adventurous ride in Santa’s sleigh to share with friends and family.

With Let’s Party, standard corporate holiday events can easily turn into adventurous team-building activities your employees won’t soon forget. Go ahead and try something different this year. We’ll help.