Crowd-pleasing Party Ideas for the “Photo Bombers” and “Gamers”!

When hosting a party, it’s important to consider the entirety of the group in attendance. Activities like inflatable bounce houses and curling rinks are fun for many but if some in your group are a smidge uncoordinated or simply prefer low-key activities, you may want to consider a couple of crowd-pleasing activity options for your next party.

Say “cheese” in a green screen photo booth
Posing with props and memorializing a good time through photos is something any guest can appreciate. Take your party photos up a notch by renting a green screen photo booth. With six different backgrounds to choose from, your party goers will get to choose their scene and strike their favorite pose. A variety of props – like hats, glasses, wigs, and even ugly holiday sweaters – come with the green screen photo booth ensuring loads of laughs and zany photos for your guests. The photos can be printed right on-site so your guests can even take a piece of the fun home with them when they go.

Thumbs up for arcade games
Finding a party activity that all guests will enjoy can be difficult, but almost every guest can appreciate arcade games. Arcade games are loved by party goers of all ages and are accessible to guests of varying athletic abilities. Some arcade games – like Skee Ball and Dartboards– are perfect for small groups of guests and can be played in a competitive nature if so desired. Other arcade games like – Pac Man and Pinball – are great for those who prefer laid-back solo activities. There are nearly limitless options available in the world of arcade games. Select a mix that’s ideal for your unique guest list. If you’re not sure where to start, let Let’s Party choose a crowd-pleasing mix for you.

Parties come in all shapes and sizes and can be catered to the interests and needs of your guests. You can’t go wrong when Let’s Party is on your party planning committee.