Led Glowing Dart Board Arcade Game Rental

Product Details

Looking for something different to rent to entertain all ages at your next event? Our Led Glowing Dart Board Arcade Game Rental are used in sports bars, pubs, and taverns around the world. This  Led Glowing Dart Board Arcade Game Rental is the full arcade version not the inexpensive versions you see played in garages or home recreation rooms.  The unit has front lit lights and has glowing lights for those darken ballroom events.  Up to four players at a time can play.  This uses rubber tipped darts so its safe and fun at the same time.

The Led Glowing Dart Board Arcade Game Rental can be set up at any type of venue, ballroom, residence, or park district. The rental requires a 20 amp electrical circuit within 15 feet away from the unit as well as full supervision of the unit by the renter.

We ask when we deliver the Electronic dart Board rental that all pathways and doorways are to be at least 34 inches wide to ensure a smooth delivery. Of course no stairs can be taken to the desired location but an elevator is always an option.

Organize a dart tournament among your guests or have head-to-head competitions with your friends to see who will be crowned the dart champion.

Many games are programmed and allows you to play all your favorite dart games including 301, 501, 701, 901, Cricket, Double In / Double Out, Cut Throat, and Shanghai.

Product Description

Game Height: 83-1/2”
Game Width: 27”
Game Depth: 18-1/2”

This requires 1 electrical outlet within 15 feet away

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