Drive-Through Holiday Events are Trending During COVID-19

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Don’t let the pandemic get in the way of you having some fun.  You may not be able to host indoor holiday parties and events but you can organize a socially-distanced drive-through event instead. Give you friends, family, coworkers or customers something to do during the lockdown. Create an event extravaganza with multiple COVID friendly stops along the way. Hand out free hot chocolate at the start of the experience and finish with a gift for your guests to take home (e.g. gingerbread house kit).

Let It Snow!
The holidays aren’t complete without the white stuff. Snow Machines are a great way to make it snow in California. Mount the machine on trussing at the entrance of events, homes, and pathways to make it look like it’s actually snowing as your guests arrive in their cars. Take this experience to the next level with a Snow Machine Tower that plays festive music and attaches to snow machines to allow snow fall from 25 feet high.

An Inflatable Snow Globe is a great addition to your event. Large enough to put a real Santa or someone dressed up as a Snowman inside, your guests can wave as they drive through.

Santa Claus Comes to Town
Those visits with Santa aren’t likely to happen this year. Sitting on Santa’s lap is not exactly socially distanced. Give the kids their Santa fix with an outdoor drive-through event with a live, waving Santa sitting on a Sleigh packed with gifts and a Reindeer Statue to complete the look.

Light It Up
Holiday lights are a favorite everywhere you go. Light up your house or venue with LED Lighted Trees that can be set to purple, red or blue or rotate slowly through the different colors. These lights are both waterproof and energy efficient.

Winter Wonderland
Take advantage of Holiday-themed Props to complete the experience. Decorate around Santa’s sleigh with Holiday Elves and snowmen, Lollipops and so much more.

2020 has been a very difficult year for us all. Bring joy to your community with the magic of the holidays.