Halloween Party Ideas that Keep Kids Busy (and less focused on candy!)

Halloween Haunted Mansion Bounce House Rental San Francisco

Everywhere you look, experts are advising that kids get more free play, more outdoor time, and less screen time. Halloween does not have to be an exception to that mentality. Rather than just going the standard route of trick or treating for sugary treats and then home to sort and eat the bounty, consider hosting a neighborhood party that promotes keeping kids active and downplays the focus on sweets.

Here are some tips for keeping kids active on Halloween:

Put a spring in their step

A neighborhood party featuring a scary castle bounce house or a haunted mansion bounce house would delight kids of all ages and make physical movement fun rather than a chore.

Swap video games for arcade games

Tap into the current video game trend – but add a spin! – and have a monster smash arcade game available for kids to test their hand/eye coordination abilities.

Make their heads spin with competitive play

Pull out the stopwatch and allow kids to get a little competitive and time each other as they take a ride (or should we say spin?) on a Halloween Mechanical Pumpkin Ride or a Halloween Mechanical Black Widow Spider Ride.

Encourage the ups and downs of free play

With the Bugs Life Slide Combo, children get all the fun of an inflatable bounce house structure but with the added bonus of a stair/slide combination. Having this structure in addition to another bounce house is a great way to manage the play of kids of varying ages. Older children can feel challenged in this structure while younger children can feel safe in a separate bounce house.

As you can see, Halloween doesn’t have to be solely about tricks and treats. Now, it can be less about treats and more about tricks up your sleeve. With Let’s Party, there are plenty of opportunities to keep kids busy this Halloween in a way that is fun for them and easy for you!

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