Arcade Game Rentals

We offer one of the largest selections of classic arcade game rentals in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. Bring one of the original arcade machines to your special event and party like it’s the 80s and 90s all over again!

We have been renting classic arcade games since 1996 and our machines are truly vintage, kept and maintained in their original cabinets. We really work hard to provide you with an authentic experience.

If retro is what you seek, you are in for a treat!  Browse our inventory of over 100 arcade machines to find the perfect fit for your party, bar mitzvah, tradeshow or other special event.

San Francisco Bay Area Pac Man Game Rental

Giant Pac-Man Arcade Game Rental

Our Giant Pac-Man Arcade Game Rental is the World’s Largest Pac-Man & Galaga arcade game in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer two giant video games in one. The 9 x 6 feet screen won’t be hard to miss when this is featured at your event. The Giant Pac-Man Arcade Game Rental can be played by…
Bowling Game Rentals San Francisco

Lane Master Bowling Arcade Game Rental

Want a real bowling alley feel at your office or special event? Our Lane Master Bowling Arcade Game Rental will give you the feel and the noise of a real bowling alley without even wearing those smelly funny bowling shoes. Let us help you create that special wow factor with our Lane Master Bowling Arcade Game Rental.…
Hockey Arcade Game Rental

Hockey Arcade Game

The Chexx Bubble Hockey Arcade Game is a classic sports game that debuted in 1982 and will bring back memories for all 1980s video game fans. If you like foosball you will be excited to rent our hockey arcade game. Chexx Bubble can be played as a one-on-one game but is also designed to be…
80's arcade game rental California

Giant Table Tennis Arcade Game Rental

Make your 80’s theme party or event amazing with this Giant Table Tennis Arcade Game Rental. Just like one of the first ever arcade games made by Atari. We now have a Giant Table Tennis Arcade Game Rental version of it. Included is sound and two nice joystick controllers. You can play the computer or take on…
San Jose Arcade Game Rental

Giant Tetris Arcade Game Rental

We have brought back this amazing Giant Tetris Arcade Game Rental for you to test out your skills. You have the option of playing by yourself or taking on your co-worker. The Giant Tetris Arcade Game Rental has a large 40 inch x 40 inch pixel screen. Also included is sound and two nice joystick…
Donkey Kong Arcade Game Rental San Jose

Donkey Kong Arcade Game Rental

Arcade game rentals like our Donkey Kong game are easy and high quality. We deliver this 80s arcade game and many other classic arcade games to your home, school, business or convention center. The Donkey Kong Arcade Game Rental has amazing sound and plays awesome. The artwork on the cabinet is amazing and has that authentic 80s…
80's arcade game rentals San Francisco

Centipede Video Arcade Game Rental

Our Centipede Video Arcade Game Rental is a must have for any 80’s theme party or video game party. This full size arcade game has great graphics and a crystal clear monitor. Playing our Centipede arcade game is amazing with the track ball and fire button. The Centipede Video Arcade Game Rental was introduced in…
Whack a monster arcade game rental

Whac A Monster Arcade Game Rental

Arcade games with LED lights have been the real trend lately. We have a new game that will simply amaze your guests. We are now offering a 2 player  Whac A Monster Arcade Game Rental. If you have ever experienced the arcade game Whac A Mole you will definitely want to try this new one…
Arcade Game Rental San Francisco Bay Area

Monster Smash Arcade Game Rental

Experience a whole new level of arcade games with our new Monster Smash Arcade Game Rental. The most fast paced hand and eye coordination arcade game that has game out in a long time. Your guests will be amazed at the amazing sleek look of this high energy game. Custom LED lighted legs that change colors…
Giant Cork Jenga Game Rental

XXL Super Size Giant Cork Jenga

Giant Jenga has been all the rage at corporate gatherings and family events. We have now pushed the limit with our new XXL Super Size Giant Cork Jenga. Twice the size of the normal giant jenga the XXL Super Size Giant Cork Jenga is a safe alternative to wood blocks. These giant 4×4 blocks are made…
California Giant Kerplunk Game Rental

Giant Kerplunk Game Rental

Rent our amazing super sized Giant Kerplunk Game Rental. Just like the ever popular game that was played in the 70’s and 80’s. Our Giant Kerplunk will test your skills with your hands and eyes. The object to this 5 foot tall Giant Kerplunk Game Rental is players take turns removing a single straw from the…
Vault Mission Impossible Game Rental California

Giant Vault Mission Impossible Game

The Giant Vault Mission Impossible Game is an interactive single player game with adjustable difficulty levels from easy to impossible. The best way to attract clients or guests is to give away prizes to award who has a fast hand at this fast paced game rental. Just select the difficulty level and start the game.…
Western Quick Draw Shooting Gallery Game Rental

Old West Saloon Shoot Out Game Rental

Bring the Old West Saloon Shoot Out Game Rental to your next western theme event. This fast paced cowboy themed game will have your guests lining up to see who is the quickest fast draw. The Old West Saloon Shoot Out Game Rental is a 2 player game where 2 players compete against each other for first…
Carnival Game Rentals San Francisco Bay Area

Roll A Ball Horse Racing Carnival Game

  This beautiful Roll A Ball Horse Racing Carnival Game is perfect for any event. We rent giant games just like the State Fair, impress your guests when they walk up to the Roll A Ball Horse Racing Carnival Game. This is one of the most impressive games available for indoor and some outdoor use. The…
Special Edition Lite Bright Rental San Francisco Bay Area

Special Edition Lite Bright

Rent our Special Edition Lite Bright for your school, business, or special event. What makes this a Special Edition Lite Bright? The Lite Brite is a special measurement of 4 feet x 4 feet. This makes the Special Edition Lite Bright perfect for creating your company logo or special message in a smaller size for the…

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