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Pixel Play Arcade Game Rental

Product Details

Check out our new Pixel Play Arcade Game Rental! This Pixel Play Arcade Game rental has two activities in one. The two games are Pixel Play and Snake. You may remember the game Snake from 1998 on Nokia mobile phones. This is the first game that is included in the Pixel Play Arcade Game Rental. The object of this game is to grow your snake as long as you can without dying. The way to stay alive is to direct the snake in the direction of where the red light up apple (dot) is on the screen, the tricky part of this game is that you can never run the snake off the screen or let it come into contact with its own growing body. Snake is a fun game that is becoming a popular retro game coming back to style in the 21 century. Test your skills and try beating your own score or compete with others seeing how long you can make your snake grow. Please check out a quick little video of how the snake game is played.

The second game for on the Pixel Play Arcade Game Rental is much like the lite Bites that were a huge hit starting back in the 1960’s. This game does not require pegs, but still involves the same idea of being able to create an image, logo or saying using different color dots. In order to do this you will move the joy stick where ever you would like the dot to be, press the side color button and that will show you what colors are available, then click on the stick to place the colored dot where you want. Once done with placement move on to the next area. Once complete you will have a desirable image, logo, or saying that you created using the new Pixel Play Arcade Game Rental. We deliver all our arcade games and other interactive activities to all of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Product Description

Ages: Suitable for ages 8 to adult

Dimensions: 40″W x 40″ D x 48″H 1 electrical outlet needed

Price: $199.00 for a 4 hr rental. Ask Us About Our Multi Day Rate 831-757-4781 or 888-630-3866

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