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Ping Pong Table Rental

Product Details

We supply 4 paddles with every ping pong table (table tennis) rental and plenty of ping pong balls for you to have a ping pong tournament. We use high quality nets and paddles that don’t break. We can also supply the official rules on how to play a complete game. Our Ping Pong Table Rentals have wheels on the bottom of the legs that can lock down so the ping pong table will be secure during play.

We deliver Ping Pong Tables Rentals all over the San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area. Delivering Ping Pong Tables (table tennis) Rentals to the Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and east Bay Area need at least a 24 hour notice.

Solid playing surfaces and official size make our ping pong table rentals games fun and interactive.All our ping pong tables are regulation size and are complete with plenty of paddles and balls. We provide the tables that can be used either inside or outside.

Product Description

Space requirements: 15L x 7W

Price: please call our for a complete quote at 1-888-630-3866

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