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Football 2 Minute Drill Game is a race against the clock that can be played by one person or by two in a 1 on 1 competition. The clock counts down the time, as the score is kept on the bright, LED scoreboard.

Rent Our Football 2 Minute Drill Game for your next big tailgate party or high school homecoming event. The Football 2 Minute Drill Game is also a hit at any Super Bowl Party in the bay area.

  • Great for Fall Events
  • Great for all ages!
  • People with disabilities can play
  • 1 or 2 players at time.
  • Counts by 2’s and 3’s. High score wins.

Product Description

Football 2 Minute Drill Game measures 92” long X 38” wide X 78” high

Requires 1 electrical outlet

Ages 4 to adult

Rental Rate 199.00 4Hr

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