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Roller Coaster Virtual Reality Rental

Product Details

Let us bring the amusement park to your next event. The amazing Roller Coaster Virtual Reality Rental will excite the adults and the kids. With over 28 different tracks to pick from, you will have a different ride every time. While you sit in the coaster cart you will experience a wind and vibration that simulates the best roller coasters in your area. 1-2 people can ride and it’s just as much watching your guests as it is riding in it. There are many themes to pick from including Christmas, Halloween, Sci-Fi, and we also have tracks that are kid friendly.

Roller Coaster Virtual Reality Rental Simulator can now replace the real thing at your next event! This activation will handle about 100 guests for a 4 hr event. We provide everything you need to experience this amusement park feeling.


Product Description

  • Width: 47.2 inches
  • Height: 37.3 inches
  • Length: 66.8 inches
  • needs 2 electrical outlets
  • please call us for price and availability (this has been very popular)

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