Music Machine Mania

Rock Star Drum Set Rental Bay Area

Music-themed arcade games are a great way to engage your guests.  Music machines are interactive and fun, whether you are playing a virtual instrument, singing along to a karaoke machine or desperately trying to follow dance steps.  Music arcade games get you moving and provide hours of entertainment.

Drum Arcade Games

We have a couple of different virtual drumming games for you to rent.

Battle of the Drummer – This is a fast-paced 45 second interactive game that tests eye and hand coordination. Challenge an opponent and battle it out by tapping on the light on the drum set.  Who will get the highest score?

World’s Fastest Drummer – If you like Whack-a-Mole, you are going to LOVE this game. This interactive game is internationally recognized as an “extreme sport” and has been around for decades.  Bring the World’s Fastest Drummer to your next event and bolster the competitive spirit.

Guitar Arcade Games

Guitar Hero has been a fan favorite for a long time. Let’s Party offers Ultimate Guitar Hero with 2 real guitars (not the plastic kind) and a huge 50 inch screen.  Rock on!

Karaoke Machines

And if playing an instrument is not your thing, how about blasting out party tunes at the top of your voice?  Who doesn’t love karaoke?!

Extreme Karaoke with Jukebox – You know how this works!  Choose your song from thousands of hits loaded into the jukebox, grab the microphone and sing your heart out.  Simple entertainment that gets any crowd going.

Karaoke Video Recording Booth – If you prefer a more private singing experience, this booth is definitely for you. Step inside the video-recording booth, choose your favorite song, put on your headphones and walk away with a recording of your own hit song.  Cool, huh?  And not embarrassing in any way ?

You don’t have to be a piano man to enjoy music-themed arcade games.  Games = fun and no-matter your level of music ability, we guarantee you will have fun with any of our music machines.