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World’s Fastest Drummer Arcade Game

Product Details

Are you the fastest drummer in the World?  Find out with this innovative new World’s Fastest Drummer Arcade Game. This highly addictive game is like Whack A Mole on steroids.

Please watch video to see how this game is played

The World’s Fastest Drummer Arcade Game is considered an internationally recognized “extreme sport” that has been around for decades. The drummer game was invented by Boo McAfee with the creation of the Drum meter. The drum meter was capable of registering individual drum beats. This is how the sport of fast drumming was born. Now you can bring this intense sport to your event to bolster that competitive spirit.

Sporting a sleek cabinet that calls attention from across any room, the World’s Fastest Drummer Arcade Game features a high quality and durable drum set. The player uses the attached drumsticks to play. The goal is to get as many alternate drum beats registered within the time limit (no double tapping).  There are two modes of play – Normal and Pro – and you the operator can set different time limits (between 10-60 seconds). With free online connectivity, scores are posted to local and global leaderboards, so you can see who has the best daily scores in your region/state or in the world!

Product Description

Ages: Suitable for all ages

Dimensions: 33″W x 34″ D x 80″H 1 electrical outlet needed

Price: Please call our office for a quote 1-888-630-3866

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