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Carnival Duck Pond Game

Product Details

The Carnival Duck Pond Game from Lets Party is an all time classic carnival rental. We provide the game and you provide the fun. Each player picks a floating duck and turns it over and matches the bottom color to the prizes category tray on top of the game. A winner every time. A really great game for the little kids that doesn’t require any skill. ¬†Or if you are giving prizes per color, there are 12 ducks all the same size with different colored bottoms to determine the prize: hardest being Yellow with only 2 ducks, red & green both have 3 ducks, and black having 4 ducks.

Let’s Party has a variety of other other carnival rentals to add on to the Carnival Duck Pond Game to make your event a huge success. Check out some of our other carnvial rentals here.

Lets Party rentals are available in the greater San Francisco area including Northern California, San Jose, East Bay, Monterey Bay, and Santa Cruz. Wondering if we rent in your area? Please call us and we would be happy to discuss.


Product Description

Ages: Suitable for all ages

Space requirements: 42 L x 36 W. Requires water and electricity.

Price: $89.00 for a 4 hr rental.

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