Flurry Snow Machine Rental

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The amazing Flurry Snow Machine Rental is a must for any holiday party. Artificial snow looks great anytime of the day and gives that winter feeling to you and your guests. The Flurry snow machine can be adjusted to a light dusting of snow to a heavy down pour. This snow machine works best if it’s elevated from a table or roof. Put smiles on your guests face as they walk into there company Christmas party or winter wonderland event.

Great for home use or light commercial use. This Home use Snow Machine works best when elevated in the air. The Flurry Snow Machine Rental will shoot out up to 30 feet of articial snow giving the effect that its snowing. You can not make snowmen or have snowball fights. If you are looking for real snow you either have to contact an ice company (6-8 thousand dollars) or take your family to the real snow in the mountains. This snow machine comes with one gallon of snow fluid which will last 1 hour of continous use at a nice dusting effect. We do sell additional fluid (1 gallon 39.00). We do have more commercial snow machines for larger events such as xmas tree lightings or Drive Thru events. This machine requires 1 electrical outlet of a 15 amp circuit. Please contact us at 1-888-630-3866 or visit www.letspartysalinas.com

To see more info on this machine watch this https://youtu.be/AqFD6NmG5dA

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