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Garden Bench Decor Rental

Product Details

There’s something about benches. They beckon you to take a seat for a moment or an hour, inviting you to chill, reminisce or maybe just enjoy your surroundings. Our Garden Bench Decor Rental can provide just that for your next event!

Whether placed indoors or outdoors, the Garden Bench instantly adds a welcoming spirit to parties or events while being incredibly functional. Think about why you always see benches placed on porches, in back yards, parks, even on the path above Carmel Beach! They send a distinct message! Benches are an unspoken invitation to sit, reflect and connect – to your surroundings or to others. They minimize the gap between people, forcing them to share a closer connection by virtue of the shared bench. When one perches on a bench, they’re magically inspired to take a breath, momentarily escape the chaos and really take in their surroundings! (We’re not implying your event will be chaotic, but you get the picture!)

Our Garden Bench Decor Rental is sturdy metal with an attractive matte brown powder-coated finish. It’s simple design neither dictates nor competes with any particular decor style. The bench can be left plain or styled with a colorful throw and pillows or easily decorated with ribbons and greenery. You can attach helium filled balloons so your guests can quickly find a place to sit for a spell while enjoying your delicious refreshments or just to take in the amazing event you’ve created. Adding a bench or two to your party or event instantly creates a warm atmosphere for a relatively small investment of space. Benches also make an ideal spot for photo ops!

The Garden Bench Decor Rental seats 2-3 people and measures 33″ deep x 50″ long x 35″ high. It has armrests and the back is a comfortable height. Want to bring your event up a notch? Consider adding one or more of our beautiful, new LED trees near your Garden Benches for instant WOW!

Let’s Party has everything from food machines, arcade/carnival games, inflatables, sports themed items, photo booths, to mechanical rides and more! Let us help you create the event of your dreams!


Product Description

Garden Bench Decor Rental Specs

Dimensions: 33″ Wide x 50″ Long x 35″ High

Construction: Powder Coated Aluminum Steel; Matte Brown Color

Seating Capacity: 2-3

Additional decor such as pillows, throws etc. NOT included.


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