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Giant Kerplunk Game Rental

Product Details

Rent our amazing super sized Giant Kerplunk Game Rental. Just like the ever popular game that was played in the 70’s and 80’s. The Giant Kerplunk will test your skills with your hands and eyes. The object to this 5 foot tall game is for the players to take turns removing a single straw from the tube while trying to minimize the number of marbles that fall through the web and into their tray. Once a player has committed themselves to a particular straw by touching it, they must remove it. The player who accumulates the fewest dropped marbles wins.

We offer giant sized games you won’t see at normal party or events. Try renting our Giant Kerplunk Game Rental with our Giant Connect 4 Game, Giant Jenga, and the Giant XXL Corn Hole Game.

Lets Party rentals are available in the greater San Francisco area including Northern California, San Jose, East Bay, Monterey Bay, and Santa Cruz. Wondering if we rent in your area? Please call us and we would be happy to discuss.


Product Description

Ages: Suitable for ages 8 to adult
Space requirements: 4 feet wide x 6 feet tall
Price: 149.00
No electricity is needed for the Giant Kerplunk  Game Rental

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