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LED White Lit Trees Rental

Product Details

Our LED White Lit Trees Rental will add an elegant, almost magical feel to any event. With three different leaf styles (Ginkgo, Cherry Blossom or Maple Leaves) and various heights, you can create the special venue you desire for your event. LED lit items have been trending for awhile now and their popularity only seems to be growing. These particular trees come only with white lights, and a limited few have warm white lights.  These LED White Lit Trees truly add a special dimension to the environment, be it a wedding/reception, quinceanera, graduation, holiday party or evening event, trade show, or grand opening. We can also rent for longer term if you want to utilize these stunning trees in your holiday decor.

Our LED White Lit Trees Rental can be used indoor or outdoor, pending inclement weather. (No rain, snow or strong winds). Each tree comes mounted in it’s own tip-proof base. Set up, by our staff, is similar to artificial Christmas trees. There is a base trunk and then the individual branches are plugged in and attached to the appropriate spot on the trunk. The smaller branches can be easily manipulated or fanned out for a fuller looking tree. Depending on the tree, assembly can take from 25-90 minutes per tree.

The warm white lit trees will look slightly yellow if placed next to the regular white lit trees, but on their own they definitely are a warm white. The LED lit trees are remote controlled and some have settings to flash, fade, chase and more. For even more impact, consider adding on our uplights to illuminate the tree trunks.

Following is the leaf style and size of the LED White Lit Trees we offer:

Ginkgo Leaf: 4 ft., 5 ft., 7 ft., 10 ft.

Cherry Blossom Leaf: 7 ft.

Maple Leaf: 7 ft.

We also have trees with colored lights, which are listed separately on our website. Please feel free to give us a call and we can answer your questions and/or make suggestions to help you achieve your desired look.

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Product Description

White LED Lit Trees – Gingko Leaf, Cherry Blossom Leaf or Maple Leaf

Heights: 4ft., 5 ft., 7 ft. 10 ft. (see above for the height available for each style tree)

Assembly: By our staff, takes 25-90 minutes per tree

Electricity Requirement: One electrical outlet

Indoor/Outdoor: except for inclement weather – rain, snow, wind


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