Meltdown Multiplayer Interactive Game Rental

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Rent our Meltdown Multiplayer Interactive Game Rental in San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, or California Bay Area cities. Your guests will enjoy having the ability to challenge the spinning log game against 1-8 opponents. Our  Meltdown Multiplayer Interactive Game Rental is high energy and can accommodate a lot of people for a single game.

The object of the meltdown game is to jump over the low spinning rotating log. After attempting the first log the  second challenge of the meltdown game is to duck under the taller spinning log. 1-8 players stand on elevated platforms and try out their ninja warrior skills. If the spinning log comes rotating by you and knocks you off you are eliminated from that round of competition. If your Ninja Warrior skills are good our trained operator can speed up the speed to make the game more competitive.

 The Meltdown Multiplayer Interactive Game Rental is an inflatable that is 32 feet by 32 feet of nothing but pure fun. Your guests will have their cameras rolling as they watch their friends and family take on the spinning log meltdown game.
We highly recommend the Meltdown Multiplayer Interactive Game Rental for corporate events, high school grad nights, carnivals and fundraisers.
We deliver our Meltdown game and run the game for your entire event. We can also create an organized competition to crown the best meltdown player at your event. Our trained staff will keep the line moving on this high action mechanical meltdown game.

Product Description


Space Requirements: 35‘L x 35’W x 12’H
Minimum pathway to setup location: 40 inches
Required Electricity: 2- (110-volt, 15-amp)
Electrical Outlet Within 50 ft. of inflatable
Adult supervision always required: 2 minimum
Recommend ages:8 years to Adult
Set up on: Grass or Concrete
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