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Sky Dancers

Product Details

Sky Dancers are a fun and lively addition to any party, event, carnival, grand opening, fundraiser, wedding or sale. These are perfect for that added touch to your special event. They are great attention grabbers! The Bride and Groom are NEW for 2024. Can’t you just see them at a wedding reception?! The red, blue and yellow Air Dancers put a smile on your face just seeing them dancing in the breeze. Their cheerful colors will up the fun factor at any event!

Sky or Air Dancers are a perfect way to direct traffic to a particular point in your event, such as the entrance, parking, food service area, activity area, or photo opp area. They also serve asĀ  a friendly welcome to new students, at trade shows, fairs, carnivals and more.

Note: If your plan is to place the sky dancers near a public roadway, please confirm local ordinances will allow. Some communities find them distracting to drivers. While that is kind of the point of these, we encourage safety to all of our customers.

Product Description

Electrical Requirements: single tubes require 1 electrical outlet; double legged sky dancers require 2 electrical outlets

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