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Volcano Toss Carnival Game

Product Details

Plug up the lava. This amazing volcano toss carnival game with the toss of just one ball. Looks easy but way harder than it looks. Have this at your next carnival, beach, tropical theme party for some added excitement. You can play for bragging right or play for prizes. We can add lights to make the volcano look light it’s about to erupt. Game can be rented as just 1 volcano or 2. Each volcano toss carnival game rental includes 3 balls. We can light up the volcano to make it look like its on fire or leave as a non erupting volcano. Just request if you want light included. (lights work amazing at night or inside venue.)

Product Description

Ages: 4 to adult

Rental Rate: 1 for 135.00 or 2 for 250.00 table and lights are included if used at night or inside

(best used on a flat level area)

No electricity required.

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