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18 Hole Mini Golf Rental

Product Details

Our 18 Hole Mini Golf Rental is now available for your next event! This 18 hole rental rounds out our many golf related rentals.  We have several golf themed rental choices that will enhance your event. Take a look at our Golden Tee Golf Game Rental here or Check out our Golf Simulator here 

There are no repeat holes in our 18 hole mini golf. Putt your ball through the many challenging obstacles. We have hills, bridges, tunnels and more! Our 18 Hole Mini Golf Rental comes complete with the 18 unique individual golf holes, but also included are putters, colored balls and a handy putter rack plus score cards and pencils. Want a customized scorecard to personalize or market your corporate event? Just ask!

Let us bring our 18 hole or 9 hole mini golf to your next event. Give us a call if you need help deciding! Or click on this link to be directed to golf items on our website.


Now here’s a bit of mini golf trivia to impress your clients and friends. Mini golf, AKA Putt Putt, has run the gamut of design since its conception in Scotland in the 1860’s. Some incarnations included classical design with fountains and gardens. Others were ‘rinky dink’ courses with scavenged materials like tires, barrels and rain gutters. Eventually the odd obstacles became a popular feature in mini golf courses.

Then, in 1929 the Tom Thumb franchise mini golf courses rose to popularity, with their kooky hazards fabricated in their own fantasy factory. There was a brief period in 1953 when a non-gimmicky style emerged. Thankfully, that was short lived. (I mean, isn’t non-gimmicky what full-sized golf is all about?!!) 1955 brought about a new era in mini golf that is more like what we typically see today.

We like to think our mini golf rentals represent a little nostalgia combined with modern fun!


Product Description

18 Hole Mini Golf Rental Product Description:

Ages: 5 to Adult (The mini golf holes are sturdy and many are quite challenging.)

Power Supply: Some of the mini golf holes will require a power supply

Size: Holes range in size – 26″ wide x 70″ length average but some are larger

Price: Call for pricing. (Ask us about our 9-hole mini golf package as well as individual golf hole rentals!)

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