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Bubble Hockey Arcade Game

Product Details

The Chexx Bubble Hockey Arcade Game is a classic sports game that debuted in 1982, inspired by the Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid, NY. This game will bring back memories for all 1980s sports or video game fans. If you like foosball you will be excited to rent our hockey arcade game. Chexx Bubble can be played as a one-on-one game but is also designed to be played as a two-on-two tournament game.

We have added several special features to our Chexx Bubble Hockey Arcade Game rental. The two teams featured in the game are the San Jose Sharks vs Pittsburg Penguins. At the beginning of the game there is a special introduction with the anthem being played on the Jumbotron and an LCD scoreboard on top of the game. The game has three 2 minute periods and we can program it to be longer if you want.

All our sports themed games are available to rent as a fun activity or we can organize a tournament style atmosphere if you want to challenge your co-workers or friends. If you’re looking to add an 80s theme classic arcade game to your party or event, this is a must-have. If you want to compliment your foosball table rental, this hockey arcade game will challenge your skills. This rental is perfect for your next San Jose Sharks or any NHL party.

Our Chexx Bubble Hockey Arcade Game is available for rent in Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and Monterey. Give us a call to add this to your existing order or to add to your game room event.

Product Description

Product dimensions: Length: 6-ft x Width: 5-ft.

One electrical outlet is needed

Price: Please call our office for a quote 1-888-630-3866

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