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Giant Chess Game Rental

Product Details

You can find our life-size giant chess game rental set on playgrounds, hotels, corporate events, and team building events. People are drawn to these mind-challenging games, made even more engaging by their oversized pieces. Chess is a great way to teach children strategy and quick thinking. Adults love that chess keeps the mind sharp and thinking ahead. Like all our large outdoor games, our chess set are made of durable materials, making them ideal for outdoor and indoor play.

Giant Chess Game Rental rules, each playing piece has to be moved according to a precise set of rules. It requires a lot of strategic skills for the two players to make the game more interesting. The primary aim is to put your opponent’s king under attack from which there is no escape.

Comes with 12′  X 12′  black and white board, 32  chessmen 30″ to 43″ in height

Product Description

Ages: Suitable for ages 8 to adult

Size required for official game: 12 feet Long x 12 feet wide

Price: Please call for quote. this item must be on a flat level area no grass or astroturf.

COMPLETE SET OF BEAUTIFUL GAINT CHESS PIECES This set comes with a complete set of chess pieces. Each piece comes with a rubber base pad to help protect the piece when accidentally dropped.

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