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Centipede Chaos Arcade Game

Product Details

Centipede Chaos Arcade Game is back and bigger than ever!
Originally released in 1981, Centipede went on to become Atari’s biggest hit behind Asteroids, selling over 50,000 units in it’s lifetime. The game was ported to numerous home systems, and has occasionally received a reboot over the years on somewhat more modern consoles. Marking the first time that a new Centipede game has been seen in arcades. COMING JULY 15
Centipede Chaos is a fresh take on the concept. 1-3 players battle it out against bugs and centipedes. Every few levels there will be Boss battle of a giant nasty bug. The more you blast with your blaster the more points you score Marking the first time that a new Centipede game has been seen in arcades.
Here are some of the redesigned and better features that make Centipede Chaos an amazing new game
– Worldwide recognition and great for kids & adults alike!
– 3D pixel centipede marquee and control panel design
– Mushroom shaped seats with LED lighting and rumble feature
– Easy control with an oversized ball-top joystick and single fire button
– Supports 1-3 players at the same time!
– The sharp and vibrant graphics are displayed on a huge 75″ HD screen
– Many unique waves to keep gameplay fresh and interesting

Product Description

Ages: Suitable for ages 8 to adult

Dimensions:10 feet long x  8 feet wide x 10 feet tall 1 electrical outlet needed

Price: 4 hour rental rate – Please call our office for a quote.

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