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Enchanted Castle Combo Inflatable

Product Details

This multi-colored Enchanted Castle Combo 7 in 1inflatable will be a hit at your next party!! If you are looking to keep your guests busy at your next event the Enchanted Castle Combo inflatable is the inflatable to rent. With a very reasonable size you cant go wrong with the activities that are included in this Enchanted Castle Combo. Our Enchanted Castle Combo features seven different activities and they are a big jumping area, vertical and horizontal pop ups. climbing area, a very nice slide, and two basketball hoops.

Product Description

Ages: 3 – 12

Space requirements: 25L x 22W x 16H

Price: 325.00 – 499.00 have your zip code and location available (home or park) and call our office to reserve this item: 888-630-3866.

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