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Football Bungee Battle

Product Details

Hosting a Superbowl Party or a Football-themed party? Our Football Bungee Battle will be the perfect addition to your event. The object to Football Bungee Battle is two competitors (about the same weight) put on the provided harnesses and they run in opposite directions to each others goal posts. On top of each goal post is a long piece of velcro that each player tries to stick their baton onto (three batons for each player are provided by us). This is a battle like a tug of war but on a bungee cord. Whoever can get their three batons on the goal post first is the winner. To get a better idea of how its done, please watch our video.

Our Football Bungee Battle is a great inflatable interactive game for your next sports theme event. With the great inflatable football helmet as a attention getter you can’t go wrong. Consider adding another of Let’s Party’s football-themed rentals, like the Inflatable Quaterback Blitz game or the One on One Quarterback Football Challenge.



Product Description

Ages: 8 – adult

Space requirements: 45L x 15W x 15H
Requires 1 electrical outlet.

Price: $349.00 for 4 hrs

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