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Giant Beer Pong Challenge

Product Details

It doesn’t have to be Octoberfest to play the inflatable Giant Beer Pong Challenge. Take on a friend, family member or co-worker for 45 seconds of nonstop fun. Bounce your ball off the launch pad and try to hit the lighted light on top of the inflatable beer cup to score points. The person who hits the most lighted up targets in the 45 seconds will be announced the winner. The amazing IPS scoring system adds up your score so no counting on toes and fingers needed. Giant Beer Pong Challenge is another exclusive item that Let’s Party brings out for adults to enjoy our games.

Product Description

Ages: Suitable for ages 6 to adult

Dimensions: 18 ft Width  x 20 ft Length x 12 ft Height 1 electrical outlet needed

Price Call us for price and availability.  Ask about our Multi Day Rate 831-757-4781 or 1-888-630-3866

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