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Giant Led Lighted Letters

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Make your next event shine brighter with these amazing Giant LED Lighted Letters and Numbers. Standing at 5 feet tall these amazing letters have built in lighting patterns to create stunning effects that will dazzle your guests! There are moving patterns like wave, fading, strobe, flashing or even a static color if desired. We stock over 70 letters and numbers. Giant Led Lighted Letters are a perfect way to draw attention to your tradeshow booth or at the entrance to your Company Party. And, you’ll be on trend as Glow Parties have been very popular for the last few years!

You can use these Giant LED Lighted Letters to direct your guests to certain features of your event (BAR, SNACKS, PHOTOS, POKER, FUN ZONE), spell out acronyms or business initials (UPS, NASA, BMW), exclamations (#LOL, WOW!), your event name (MOVIE NITE, DANCE PARTY, CLASS OF 93) or words related to your event (CELEBRATE! BOOGIE, WINNING! IMAGINE).

If you’re celebrating a major accomplishment: WE DID IT! CHAMPS! or an anniversary or birthday: HAPPY 40TH!, 30 YEARS OF BLISS! A single letter  (or word) could be a clue in a scavenger hunt – Character in the James Bond movies – Answer: M or Q. Let your imagination run wild! These Giant LED Lighted Letters, numbers and symbols will take your event to the next level.  The possibilities are endless!

We have glow attractions and lighted games to bring your event to new levels. Combine these lighted letters and numbers with our new led dance floor for your special anniversary, wedding or sweet 16 party.


Product Description

Product Description

Ages: Suitable for all ages

Space requirements: Each Letter or Number is 6o inches tall and can range from 18 to 48 inches wide, All letters and numbers include stand and we provide the battery source. We do not set up in high winds.

Price: Please call for price with how many letters or numbers you would like to rent.

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