Holiday Santa Bench

Product Details

Christmas and the holidays are the best times for your family, co workers, and friends to get together and celebrate the holiday cheer. Renting our Holiday Santa Bench is a great way to have some fun. This enormous Santa looks awesome with his high detail in craftsmanship. This Holiday Santa Bench is a great display piece for your holiday party, auto dealership, hotel lobbies, or shopping mall. People usually flock to sit on this Holiday Santa Bench to have their picture taken. These pictures are almost automatically sent to Facebook or other social media sites with the geo tagging of their location. (This can be great for businesses to be recognized with their location during the holiday season.)

If you look at the picture closely you will see all the special detail this Holiday Santa Bench has from the reindeer on the legs to the Santa heads on the side.

We offer our Holiday Santa Bench along with all our holiday props and decoration to the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, East Bay, Central Coast and Northern California.

Product Description

Call our office for a detailed quote for our Holiday Santa Bench and all our Christmas Holiday rental-types. We can also offer a multi day or month long quote.


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