Inflatable Bazooka Ball Shooting Gallery

Product Details

Challenge your co worker at a game of Inflatable Bazooka Ball Shooting Gallery. This is a portable inflatable version of the carnival classic tooth knock-out game with added features. We have made this game even more competitive with a lighted scoring system. There are lights that light up that you the shooter need to hit to score points. Two shooters one is team green, and one is team red try to hit with soft foam round bazzoka balls. The Inflatable Bazooka Ball Shooting Gallery game play lasts 45 seconds and then at the end of the game it annouces who the winner is and the score. Sharpen your skills as you compete against your competitor by shooting soft bazooka balls at character’s teeth and lights trying to be the first to knock them down to score points.

The Bazooka Ball game is a one of a kind game that will entertain your guests and create bragging rights. Perfect for events, carnivals, team building, schools, grad nights. This can be set up and delivered on flat level ground preferably cement or a hard surface.

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Product Description

Ages: 8 to adult

Space requirements: 11W x 20L x 9H

1 electrical outlets is required.

Price: Call for pricing

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