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LED Bumper Pool Table Rental

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The amazing LED Bumper Pool Table Rental is a billards game played on a shorter table than the usual pool table.  The bumper pool table is fitted with an array of fixed cushioned obstacles, called bumpers, at the center of its surface. This game can be played with or without led lights.

The LED Bumper Pool Table Rental game is played with 5 red and 5 white balls.   At the start of the game each set of balls are arranged on five spots near each edge of the table. The object is for a player to sink all of their balls into their pocket at the opposite end of the table.

To begin play, both players shoot their marked ball simultaneously, banking the ball off the cushion to their right and attempting to sink their ball in their pocket at the other end of the table. Then each player takes turn trying to get all there balls in the pocket hole. When you sink a shot you don’t lose your turn.

Please watch the video this game has been around for decades and is very fun and is a faster game than traditional pool.

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