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Ring A Bat Carnival Ring Toss Game

Product Details

This is a Ring A Bat Carnival Toss Game played just like the conventional ring toss game. The Ring A Bat Carnival Toss Game  is a great carnival game for  any school carnival, baseball theme event or corporate party. When renting this Ring A Bat Carnival Toss Game your guests will be doing there best at getting there red rings (provided by us) around the baseball bats. We have many baseball theme items to go with the  Ring A Bat Carnival Toss Game such as the inflatable Batter Up Game and the Radar Speed Pitch game.

Product Description

We provide 12 round red plastic little rings and you try to toss your ring around a small skinny wooden post. If you are talented enough to make one around the wooden peg then you win a prize.


Ages: Suitable for ages 4 to adult

Space requirements: (1) table

Price: $45.00 for a 4 hr rental. Comes with 12 plastic rings.

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