Roll A Ball Horse Racing Carnival Game


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This beautiful Roll A Ball Electronic Horse Racing Game is perfect for any event. We rent giant games just like the State Fair, impress your guests when they walk up to the Roll A Ball Horse Racing Carnival Game. This is one of the most impressive games available for indoor and some outdoor use. The Roll A Ball Horse Racing Carnival Game is truly a crowd stopper. With the sound of horses or any other items you are promoting to the flashing led lights, our sound system is amazing and it’s impossible to walk past.

From the sound of the bell, the special balls are released simultaneously to all players, as the players start rolling their balls in a frenzy they attempt to propel their horses to the finish line. To make things even for every player, there are nine holes in which the balls can go. Three run (red), three trot (blue), and three walk (yellow). The electronic horse racing game ends to the sound of a bell, the corresponding numbered flashing LED light of the winning player stays light so all know who won. The balls are locked back up in the unit, the horses return the starting line, and the race is ready to run again.

We have this in a 2 to 4 player electronic horse racing game. The Roll A Ball Horse Racing Carnival Game is a perfect piece for any corporate event, trade show, school carnival, graduation night, social gathering, or brand activation. We have a wide range of customization options so you can make this game your own. We have had clients have computer chips, cell phones, and even hamburgers racing down the track instead of horses.

We also have this game completely customized for your Christmas holiday events. Instead of horses, you can have reindeer or snowmen racing down the wintry cold track. The Roll A Ball Horse Racing Carnival Game is a fast and furious good old fashion carnival game classic.




Product Description

Ages: Suitable for ages 6 to adult

Dimensions:12 feet long x  10 feet wide x 7 1/2 feet tall 2 electrical outlet needed

Price: 4 hour rental rate ,Please call our office for a quote.

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