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Shark Inflatable Bouncer

Product Details

This shark bounce house is the perfect underwater / beach or fish-theme bouncer for all the “little sharks” out there who enjoy the sea! An eye catching bouncer for sure.  The shark bounce house we have in stock comes in two (2) different sizes so please make sure to measure correctly also this bouncer has a enormous shark on the top so please make sure there are no power lines, overhangs from house, or tree’s/branches that would be in the way.

Product Description

Ages:   3 – 12

Space Requirements:  we have this in two (2) sizes:  13 x 13 and 15 x 15

Price:  Rental rate ranges .  Please call us at 888-630-3866 with your zip code and the location of your party (example home, city, county or state park, conference center etc.)

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