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Shuffle Board Table Rental

Product Details

Measuring in at 12 feet long this Shuffle Board Table Rental will fit perfect at your next arcade party. Shuffle board can be played with 2 people or 4. Each take turns pushing there puck down the sand filles glossy lane. The object is to land in the area that has the highest number to score the most points. The other team or player can try to knock your puck off or to try to out score you attempt. The Shuffle Board Table rental can be a strategic game and very challenging. As a added bonus we have added led lights on the inside and out to give this game a new glow type feel.

Product Description

Space Requirements: 12 feet long by 3 feet wide. requires 1 electrical outlet if you would like it to glow. The table can be loaded in through any normal door, there just cannot be any narrow hallways with sharp turns between load-in location and it’s final destination.

Price: Please call or email our office for price and availability 

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