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Tag The Light Inflatable Interactive Arena Game

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Are you ready for the highest fast paced game in our selection of games? Try out our new Tag The Light Inflatable Interactive Arena Game rental.This fast paced game is a 2 player game that challenges your hand eye and feet coordination. This space aged looking themed game only takes 45 seconds to play against your friend or co-worker. 

Tag The Light Inflatable Interactive Arena Game is played like this.

2 Players start the game by pressing the start button located in the front of the inflatable.

One team is red

One team is green

Each Player has its own side of the game where their lights will randomly light up and they will need tag the light to score points.

After 45 seconds the game will end and the scoreboard will light up with the score and the highest score is the winner.

The Tag The Light Inflatable Interactive Arena Game will tire you out and is an incredible work out and is highly addictive. This will be the best interactive game for 2018. If your looking for the newest game that your guests haven’t played this will be the one to rent.

All our hi energy interactive games are available for rent in the San Francisco Northern California Bay area cities.



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Product Description


Ages: 7 to adult

Space Requirements:22 ft length x 16 ft width x 11 ft height. Requires 1 separate 110v 20 amp circuits. (we also rent generators)

Price: Please Call For Pricing.

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