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Inflatable Basketball Slam Dunk Challenge

Product Details

Rent our Slam Dunk Inflatable Basketball Court Game Challenge for your next sports theme party or event. Your guests can now take on their favorite opponent in a slam dunk challenge. The amazing graphics and cool inflatable basketball hoops will make it easier for your guests to slam dunk on this interactive game. This Inflatable Basketball Court Game is a perfect add on to any carnival corporate or sports themed event.

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The object to this game is two players run down the inflatable lane and the leap on an inflatable launch pad that helps them spring into the air to slam dunk the basketball through the inflatable hoop. It may look easy but it does take some timing and a leaping ability to get a slam dunk. We provide 2 basketballs for every Slam Dunk Inflatable Basketball Court Game Challenge rental.


To add excitement to the Slam Dunk Inflatable Basketball Court Game Challenge we can or you can provide judges to rate how well each contestant finishes off their slam dunk. Many people have either watched on T.V. or went to an NBA All Star Game and see how popular this event is and how many fans go crazy for a big slam dunk.

All our sports themed games we have in our rental department are high energy and fast paced interactive games. We deliver all our sports themed games to the San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, South Bay, East Bay, and the entire Northern California Bay Area cities. Let our office staff know what kind of sports party or event your having and they can put a sports themed party package together. If you would like our staff to get in the spirit of your event we can also wear or provide referee shirts and whistles to look and play the part.

Product Description

Ages: Suitable for ages 7 to adult

Space requirements: 30L x 23W x 13H

Price: $399.00 for a 4 hr rental

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