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Atari Pong Arcade Game Rental

Product Details

Bringing back the official 80s Atari Pong Arcade Game Rental of all time. This old school Atari classic arcade game started the video game phenomena. The Atari Pong Arcade Game Rental is a basic game where you play your opponent head to head. Each player has a paddle and when the ball comes over to your side of the screen you make sure you touch it with your paddle to send it over to your opponent. It’s a challenging game that gets faster and faster as the volleys between you and your opponent continue. We also have added some old school Atari Pong chairs to sit on while you play your friends.

Don’t miss out on this amazing old, but brought back to new, Atari Pong Arcade Game Rental. This will be the highlight of your event and 80s themed party. Call our office about our multiple pong arcade game rentals or to have this game at your business as a long term rental or lease.

We deliver all our arcade games and make sure they are set up and secure at your event. We can create a little or big arcade room feel at any venue or office. Please contact us to set up an appointment if you are interested in this. Arcade games can be delivered to the entire San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, East Bay, San Mateo, Livermore, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Union City, Hayward, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Las Vegas, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, South Bay and the entire Bay Area.

Product Description

Product dimensions: Length: 5-ft length x 4-ft width x 30 inches tall

One electrical outlet is needed

Price: Please call our office for a quote 1-888-630-3866

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