Mindwinder Carnival Spinning Ride


Product Details

The Mindwinder Carnival Spinning Ride will keep the line pace going fast with sitting up to 16 people at a time and has a really fast pace to this classic carnival ride. We provide a trained Mindwinder Carnival Spinning Ride  attendant to make sure everyone is safe. We highly recommend this Mindwinder Carnival Spinning Ride  for your next school carnival or festival or event. This Mindwinder Carnival Spinning Ride  isn’t just for kids we rent this to high school grad nights and even college events. If you want your experience to be  even more mind boggling all you have to do is twist the middle of the ride and this will make your cart your riding in spin fast (just like the tea cup ride at Disneyland). We have aluminum fencing that goes around for safety so no one can get hurt by the Mindwinder Carnival Spinning Ride. Please note you must be 42 in tall to ride this ride.  a 60 ft by 60 ft space is needed Watch The Video To See In Action

Product Description

Please call our office at 1-888-630-3866 for more information on this exciting new Mindwinder Carnival Spinning Ride . You can reserve early by just giving us a call to get a price and availibility.

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